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When Pastor Bryan Denlinger Decided To Start Wearing A Face Mask!"

Communist Donnie Swaggart (yes, Gabriel Swaggart's father & Jimmy Swaggart's son) Slanders and attacks in 2012 Dr. Ron Paul Libertarian Party & Republican POTUS Candidate in 2012! Dr. Paul is a kind man, he should of had Swaggart arrested & Sonlife shutdown as a Communist front!

John and Josh Rosenstern, the Rosenstern Brothers on Insight have bashed Alex Jones for no reason but uses Alex's 100% accurate information to their sick twisted agenda, 2021 there will be a Swaggart/Sonlife Channel as these people are more a threat to me than (see my main page you will understand) as the cast of characters will be presented, the Rosenstern Brothers, Jospeh P. Larson, Loren Frank Larson, Grace Anna Larson Brumley (Bible forbids woman preachers young lady!), Smitty, the Borg, Robin Hood, Brian the Brain, Charles Payne Jr. and more!!

Video: Do you believe the Bible the way it was written?!

Video: All Bibles in Wrong Order & Change the Number of Books!

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Second Amendment Gun Rights

Bradlee Dean and the Sons of Liberty Radio!

Robert Scott Bell

In Memory; Dr. Robin Falkov

Les Feldick (Through the Bible with Les Feldick)

Miscellaneous Christian & Theological Shows & Issues


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